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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cactus Prayer

  A few weeks ago, I, Ian, went to visit our friend, Joshua Mudiwa at his farm. As you may recall, we have been working with Joshua for nearly two years to grow in his knowledge and faithfulness as a farmer, as well as, to share Jesus with Joshua and his family. We've been greatly encouraged by Joshua's progress trying to follow Jesus as the Bible instructs us to. Well, on this particular visit, I saw an area of Joshua's property that had previously been covered in "bush." In that area was a cactus, all alone with three small clay bowls laying around it. I asked Joshua, "What is this and what does it mean?" He proceeded to explain that the cactus is a part of the Johane Masowe sect that he came from. The cactus, he said, is used to heal people. I asked how, expecting that they used the juices or flesh for a medicinal purpose, his response surprised me. "We put these bowls here and place three very small smooth stones in them, then we pray, and ask the cactus to give us the strength to heal. The power comes from the spirit of John the Baptist." I asked more questions, trying to ascertain what he really believed was transpiring when they prayed like this. He revealed that they actually believe some of the life of John the Baptist went into the water so that sick people could be healed. Incredibly, to our western minds, people really are "healed" by drinking the water from these bowls after the prayers! He told me that the founder of the sect had taught them to do this ritual and that it was his spirit that gave the healing. We conversed at length about the Scriptures clear teachings on healing, God's power and how God shows us that he healed and will heal through the church. Joshua was encouraged that the Bible does talk about healing. Then we talked about false worship, signs and healing. Joshua was very excited to hear stories like Elisha and the Prophets of Baal, where God showed up to prove His power over a false god. He was even more excited to recount that Jesus healed many and promised that healing would continue through his church. But, then the rubber met the road, I asked Joshua if he was ready to cut down the cactus? His answer was really revealing. He said, "Ah, I have been told that this cactus will protect my family from lightning. You know, many huts get hit with lightning and the people died. So, I am afraid to cut this down since the rains are coming." We had a another lengthy conversation about God's power and how, often, God responds to His children's faith in Him as evidenced in their actions. I encouraged Joshua that God will protect his family if he will walk by faith and stand in the face of the demon worship that is going on around him. He was still afraid but agreed to talk to his wife about Biblical healing. Please pray for Joshua and his entire family as they seek to walk in the truth and obey God! Please pray that as they begin to step out of the syncretism that they are accustomed to that God will "prove" himself to them in their personal lives and in the community around them. We are still pursuing a church plant on the farm where Joshua lives and have recently learned that there are no churches there, only witches and syncretistic cults teaching ways to heaven other than Jesus. The battle for lost souls rages on, brothers and sisters. I can't help but ask, are you involved in the battle, rescuing those in darkness over to the light, saving those on their way to death for eternal life? It was Jesus' mission, to save the lost, it was the focus of the early church...is it our focus today? I hope so! If not, today is as good of day as any to reorient, realign, and reprioritize our lives to join in God's objectives in this world!

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