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Eden Children's Village was started in 1999 in Doma, Zimbabwe, Africa. Eden exists to provide holistic, quality care for orphaned children in Zimbabwe. Eden is a school, medical clinic, farm, and orphanage. Eden's mission is to share Christ's love through meeting real life, everyday needs.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lions and Prayer

    Last night I, Heidi, had a dream. I was walking on a path in the bush by myself when I got the feeling that I was going to see a lion. I felt God impress upon me not to fear and to pray for protection. So I did. And sure enough, I saw a female lion maybe 5 feet away from me prowling around. I was a little surprised and alert, but not fearful, and I prayed. Then a few seconds later, I saw the male lion. The lions didn’t even act like they knew I was there. And then they disappeared into the bush. As I continued to walk down the path, I looked into the bush and in a cleared-away spot, Ian was standing up talking to the rest of the leadership here at Eden. I knew the lions were going to attack them. I instantly started praying, “God, give Ian the strength of David. Help him to not fear.” Then the lions came out of the tall grass and lunged at Ian. And God gave him the supernatural strength to push the lions away back into the bush. They didn’t die, but they ran away and no one was hurt. We all gave God glory for what He had done!
      Now, you may be thinking that this would’ve been a much cooler blog post if that had really happened, right? Well, maybe, but maybe not...There are lions that live several miles away from us in Doma, so we do ask for your continued prayers for protection. But there’s another lion right here at Eden, “a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” We need much more protection from him. Satan desperately wants to destroy the work here at Eden. He has tried to attack many times, but God remains stronger! Please don’t underestimate your prayers! You may never be able to come and visit Eden, but you do have power to impact lives here through your prayers. God hears you and will answer you! 
      In 2 Chronicles 7, after Solomon ended praying for the dedication of the temple, “fire came down from the heavens and consumed the ascending offering and the slaughterings. And the glory of the Lord filled the temple.” This happened because Solomon prayed. And God’s glory will invade Eden, my life, and your life, if we pray! 

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